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Pre-shipment Surveys
Inspection of cargo at shipper’s premises and/or compartment where the cargo will be stowed for shipment.  Sampling, checking packaging & stowage. Usually the purpose of the survey is to confirm the condition and specification of the cargo at loading is as specified in the contract or invoice of sale.

Cargo Superintendence
Supervision of loading and/or discharge of cargo from all type of conveyances, inspection of quantity (by draft survey, ullage surveys, tallying, weighbridge control) and cargo condition, sampling, holds/load compartments inspections. Lashing and securing surveys.

Grain Department
nspection of cereals and oilseeds as per GAFTA and FOSFA regulations, sampling, dockside tests and laboratory analysis. Collateral management service, warehose monitoring, stock audits. Wordwide services in cooperatiin with CIS (Commodity Inspection Services) in most part of the world including (but not limited to): France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia , Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen. 

Loss / Damage Surveys
The most frequent instructions for a Lloyd’s cargo surveyor is to inspect and assess the extent of loss/damage to all kind of bulk, break-bulk or general cargo transported by sea, road or air. Contamination, particular and general average. Investigation into the cause of damage. Loss control surveys.